In the previous Blog we talked about “All-on-four and all-on-six” dental implant treatments. Now we want to share a patient experience with you…

We introduce you to our patient Roberto. He is from Madrid and we had the pleasure of meeting thanks to the recommendations of his friends, who are our patients. When Roberto came to us, his mouth was in very bad condition, with repetitive infections, discomfort when chewing, and generally very poor oral aesthetics.

The teeth that he kept in his mouth were very compromised and did not have a good prognosis, they were not maintainable. For this reason, we proposed to do a “Complete fixed restoration on implants” upper and lower (All-on-four and All-on-six).

Living in Madrid and having to travel to Mallorca for his treatment, we needed to organize everything very well. We made a treatment plan with appointments and times, so that we could all make the most of each trip. We managed to reduce the entire treatment to only 3 trips to Mallorca.

On the first trip:

  • We performed a 3D Dental CT scan: to perfectly assess the quantity and quality of available bone and to plan the type of implants which will be ideal for him (their size, in what positions to place them and the possibility of placing the implants at the same time as dental extractions).
  • We took photos to do a “DSD” Digital Smile Design, and plan everything before starting any treatment.
  • We registered moulds to have study models: which we sent to the laboratory that same day to start making the first set of fixed prostheses that we will place immediately after the surgery. 
  • We did a deep cleaning (oral-dental hygiene), so that the mouth is in the best possible condition (disinfected and deflated) at the time of surgery.
  • The operation was done under Conscious Sedation (monitored by an anesthesiologist at our facilities). The dental extractions were performed and immediate implants were placed at the same time of the extractions.
  • We applied Plasma in all the intervened areas to facilitate and accelerate healing.
  • Once awake, after the surgery, we took new registers, this time with the implants, and sent them back to the laboratory to be able to finish Roberto’s immediate fixed prostheses that same day.
  • Once the laboratory has finished the work, we adjust it in the mouth by fixing the teeth onto the newly placed implants. This is what is known as “immediate loading” or colloquially known as “fixed teeth in a day”.

This way, on Roberto’s first trip, he has already left with the surgery performed and with new fixed teeth, although they are still provisional.

3-4 months after the implant placement (which is the time it takes for the bone to integrate the implants as its own-also known as Osseo-integration), we organize the second trip to A2 Dental.

2nd trip to Mallorca:

  • We disconnect the provisional fixed prostheses (upper and lower) to clean and re-evaluate the healing of everything.
  • Since the gums are now fully healed, we take new moulds to start fabricating the definite prostheses.
  • The laboratory prepared several tests to determine aesthetic parameters, such as: shape, size and color of the teeth, bite, etc.
  • The patient returns home with his temporary teeth fixed.

3rd trip:

  • With all the information and design that we have planned in the previous visit, the laboratory has been able to finalize the final prostheses.
  • On this last trip we were able to place Roberto’s new teeth. Since we operated on him, he has never had to spend a day without teeth.
  • He now has an ideal smile due to the planning, design and choice of materials that we used on the prostheses, as you can see in this link:

At A2 Dental we are very proud that people have travelled from far to be treated by us and trust us with their mouth.

We have explained the technical part of the story, here the story from Roberto’s point of view: 


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