At A2 Dental, our specialist in Implantology is Dr. Alberto Rico, with honors qualification in his Masters Degree in Advanced Oral Implantology, and further education in the sector in prestigious Universities such as New York University (NYU). He has worked at prestigious, world renowned centers in Implantology, such as the Bränemark Osseointegration Center in Cataluña.

Dental Implants are one of the most important advancement in dentistry in recent years. After the deciduous dentition (milk teeth), we only have our permanent teeth. However, with the discovery of dental implants, it has allowed the human being to have a THIRD DENTITION with IMPLANTS.

DeA dental Implant is a substitute of the root of a tooth. It is a titanium screw with a specific surface treatment to favor the integration with the patient’s bone. The crown (or tooth) is what is attached on top of sed implant. 

Dental implantology has advanced a lot over time. Now a days, if a dental extraction needs to be done, the dental implant can be placed at the same time. This is known as IMMEDIATE IMPLANTS. This procedure has many advantages for the patient: everything is done in one single visit (the tooth extraction and dental implant placement) and with the same anaesthesia, you don’t have to wait for a three month healing period of the bone after the extraction of the tooth in order to place the implant. We must take into consideration that this procedure is not indicated for all cases, and every case has to be studied individually with a previous 3D Scan to value whether you are a candidate for this procedure.

In some cases, it is also possible to place the implant and the temporary crown on the same day, which is colloquially known as “implant and tooth on the same day” and scientifically known as “IMMEDIATE LOADING”. In those cases where the anatomy and bone permits it, we always propose it for the benefit and commodity of our patients.

There are many cases where the patient doesn’t have enough bone to place implants, and it is common that in some Dental Centers, in these cases, a removable prostheses is offered as an alternative to implants. With a 3D CT Scan, we can study your case to consider a bone regeneration to make it possible to place implantes (as shown below).

At A2 Dental, we can perform any type of surgery under SEDATION if the patient wishes, for his/her comfort and convenience.

Here you can see some real examples of Implants treated at our clinic.

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Conscious sedation can be described as a feeling of “taking a deep and peaceful nap,” but at the same time you are conscious enough to open your mouth and be collaborative during the treatment. This presents many advantages for our patients, as they can have their treatments carried out without noticing anything.

On our team at A2 Dental, we have anesthesiologists with extensive experience in Dental Sedation, Dr. A. Miró and Dr. Luis C.

Sedation is especially indicated for:

  • Patients with dental phobia
  • Long procedures or more invasive surgeries
  • Patients who want to have several treatments done in the same appointment (very busy patients who cannot come to the dentist many times)
  • Non collaborative patients
  • Patients with a disability that limits collaboration

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