What is Fibrin Rich in Growth Factors?

It is obtained from the patient’s own blood, and is rich in platelets, growth factors and leukocytes and therefore helps accelerate the healing and regeneration of tissues. Unlike other treatments that use artificial components, this therapy uses only the patient’s blood, which through a protocol of advanced technology, obtains a fully biocompatible plasma to relocate in the area which we are interested in healing.

The Procedure

The process is extremely simple: our doctors obtain a blood sample from the patient, and by means of a certified centrifuge, the cellular and protein concentrate is separated from the rest of the blood (a process that takes between 3 and 12 minutes). This leads to the formation of a bioactive clot, which is like a “natural gel” full of regenerative cells of the patient.

What is it for?

The fibrin obtained is basically used as a “bioactive band aid” in any surgical procedure, for example: the placement of a dental implant, a dental extraction or a bone regeneration procedure, in order to accelerate healing.

At A2 Dental, we use a procedure approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, which allows our doctors to obtain as many fibrin clots as necessary. It is a 100% natural procedure, without any synthetic or animal products, and without any chemical alteration. This way, we ensure a faster and better post-operative healing.

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