Periodontics is the branch of Dentistry specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the tissues that hold the teeth, such as the gum and bone.

Periodontal diseases are a large part of those responsible for the loss of teeth. The most common is known as “gingivitis” (a reversible inflammation of the gums) and “periodontitis” (when the disease has reached the bone and has created irreversible consequences. They can however be stopped.)

The clearest symptoms of gingivitis are redness of the gums, spontaneous bleeding or bleeding during brushing. Sometimes symptoms can go unnoticed, especially in patients who smoke, as in these patients, their vascularization is compromised and the bleeding is not as obvious as in other cases.

More than 60% of the adult population suffers from periodontal disease. However, a great part of this population is not aware of this, as it is not diagnosed. It is therefore very important to go to the dentist periodically, to check and control that our gums are healthy. This its the only way that our teeth can be stable and healthy as well.

At A2 Dental, we base our diagnosis and our treatment protocol on the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration (SEPA) which is established and recognized internationally and is scientifically supervised. Together we will always instruct our patients how to properly brush their teeth and gums so that it reflects on their teeth and smile.

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