Endodontics is the specialty of Dentistry, which consists in devitalizing a tooth. When a cavity is not treated and it grows, it can reach the nerve of the tooth and create an infection, swelling or pain. The only treatment to solve this a Endodontic treatment, more frequently known as a “Root Canal Treatment”. It is a very precise technique, which involves cleaning out the nerve of the tooth to ensure that the tooth canal is clean throughout its length, it is disinfected and sealed internally by the latest technologies that allow a three-dimensional filling of the root, ensuring a better seal. This way, the root will be completely clean and sealed.

Dr. Nilsson is our specialist in Endodontics and has experience with the latest techniques (Rotary Endodontics, Thermoplastic Gutapercha sealing, and 3D analysis of the tooth). At A2 Dental, we have a 3D Dental Scan which allows us to make very detailed three-dimensional internal radiograph of the tooth and therefore help diagnose in complex cases if necessary. 

What is an Endodontic Retreatment?

It is a procedure that is performed in cases where an old root canal treatment is giving the patient problems or has developed an infection. The treatment consists in removing the old root canal treatment from the tooth, disinfecting and replacing the canal with new material to seal the tooth properly again.

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