This is for you, for our patients. We want to explain the new protocols that we are going to carry out so that you are familiar with them when you start coming to your appointments.

1. The first step at the clinic will be to disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel for 30 seconds, following the instructions established by the World Health Organization.

2. We will provide you with shoe covers before passing to the clinical area.

3. Do not walk around the clinic, please wait in the waiting room until you are called.

4. Our team is equipped with all the protection measures recommended by the Spanish Dental Foundation, to avoid any possible doctor-patient contagion. This includes: Protective clothing, Double face-mask, Facial protection, Hat, Double gloves

5. When you sit at the dental chair, remove your face-mask and you will rinse with an effective mouthwash against the coronavirus for a minute, before starting the treatment.

6. Protective glasses will be placed on the patient, as we have always been doing in our usual protocols

7. After each treatment, in addition to the rigorous disinfection and sterilization protocols that we have always carried out, we will also do a comprehensive disinfection of the room and surfaces, with a disinfectant solution. The treatment room will be ventilated and we will space the appointment time between patients in order to carry out this whole process.

8. When you are at the reception, you will see a line in front of the counter indicating the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters, in addition to the protection screen that will guarantee your safety outside the treatment room.

All these new measures are in addition to those we have always been carrying out. It is important to remember that we are a group of professionals who are used to treating patients with highly contagious diseases, such as Hepatitis C or HIV, and we have always done so safely. Every instrument or material that touches the mouth of our patients has gone through a sterilization process. Therefore, even though we cannot guarantee an environment completely free of possible risk, we have created a highly safe space for our patients.

We continue to attend DENTAL EMERGENCIES as usual and are now rebooking our patients little by little, with the new protocols. Looking forward to being with our patients soon.